Safe Service


The Cottage Café is following the Lambton County Public Health guidelines.


Please note, we tend to our customers on first come first serve basis, we do not accept reservations.



Safe Service Procedure

Dining In


We ask that you please sanitize your hands and apply a mask prior to entry. Masks must be worn at all times unless you are seated and eating at your table.


Place your order and purchase your food at the barista bar then take a seat with your assigned number. One of our staff will be happy to serve your table when your order is ready.


Select a table by looking for a sign saying ‘Sanitized’ when selecting a table. This signals that one of our staff members has thoroughly cleaned the area.


Please be sure to follow all floor markings and signs when moving through the cafe.


Please leave all dirty dishes in the designated carts and a staff member would be happy to clear them on your behalf!


  • Dining in pairs of two or groups of four is recommended as we have limited seating options for larger groups.
  • For contact tracing we will be collecting contact information from all dine in patrons.
  • Please do not move any tables or chairs. Our tables have been strategically placed to allow for safe distancing between guests.
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Temporarily Closed for the Season

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